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CRD Impact is a business consultancy serving nonprofit, private, and government entities. We run agile and waterfall projects to gather real-time data at various stages of organizational performance. We identify, collect, analyze, and market the data necessary to elevate organizational performance. CRD Impact strengthens and disseminates your service or product to clients and stakeholders through the development or enhancement of websites. Our model uses community research to power equitable design. Some stakeholders/projects include: Sociological Initiatives Foundation (SIF) Grant, Needs Assessment for Manatee Elementary Community Partnership School, SCOPE Sarasota County Youth Plan.


What we do, Day in and Day Out

With data-driven research serving as our foundation and community our bedrock, CRD Impact strives for a more equitable world through the strategic design of projects, products, and other initiatives.

How we succeed

We design, streamline, and strategize projects, programs, and products based on the collection and analysis of real-time data to elevate organizations' performance and impact.


What we hope our services achieve for you, our communities, and our world

We strive to use data and community engagement techniques to design and match services and products to clients' needs efficiently and effectively so that individuals, families, and communities thrive. This match is executed by understanding the stakeholders through ethnographic research and implementing thoughtful products and services through expert design.



Nonprofit organizations focused on social change rarely have the financial resources to hire full-time staff who can provide technical expertise in community-engaged research-into-action. CRD Impact's Founder, Cassandra Decker, is a high-level project manager for nonprofit, research, technology, and marketing fields and is skilled at remote, hybrid, and in-person work.

Former clients include: Hillsborough Education Foundation, Migrant Education Program, United Way Suncoast, Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence, Results 1st, Manatee Community Foundation, and Manatee County School District, bringing her expertise as a community connector in both English and Spanish. As an advocate for working individuals and families, Cassandra has intimate local and state knowledge on topics such as the Florida education system from early education to college, program development and redesign, results-based impact, financial sector accessibility, volunteer engagement, content writing, development and more.


B. A., University of Iowa; M.A, University of South Florida

• Project Manager • Principal Researcher • Data Designer •

Cassandra Decker, M.A., is an academically trained, ethnographic researcher with advanced degrees in English, Spanish, Political Science, and Applied Anthropology with a cultural and economic track. She's a passionate and community-engaged researcher and program developer who has served the Tampa Bay are for over 10 years. She is a well-respected member of the local community and deeply embedded in the initiatives, coalitions, and collaborations of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Decker’s academic and professional experiences uniquely position her to be the ideal consultant for nonprofit research and marketing as well as consumer-based research for marketing products and services in every sector. She has a very strong track record of success in developing and strengthening relationships, programs, partnerships, coalitions, and initiatives involving all relevant sectors in the area, including communities, the school district, nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, and business. Decker has served in a wide variety of roles, from youth mentor, volunteer coordinator, program director and evaluator, community-engaged researcher, and regional initiative leader, and has extensive working relationships with the relevant entities, from prestigious foundations to neighborhood-based grassroots organizations. 

Cassandra’s strong connections and local knowledge to connect her to other experts in the area on projects to ensure efficient organizational partnerships.  Decker provides resource consulting; relationships with other local experts allow clients to achieve vetted referrals.

As a trailblazer, she believes in creating and redesigning programs, procedures, and opportunities to increase efficiency and reach. Whether it’s carrying a project from end-to-end or igniting a step in the process before handing it off, she develops results-based initiatives. It’s not about her – it’s about the client and the results. It’s about strengthening the client’s community through appropriate research and development of initiatives, ultimately leading to a substantive impact.

In her free time, Cassandra (an Iowa native) can be found enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine, yoga, hiking in the beautiful state parks, and relaxing with her cats over a good book. 

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