CRD Impact serves public, nonprofit, government and private organizations through a variety of data-designed products that can categorized into three, intersecting parts. While based in the Bay area (Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Desoto, Charlotte county) the protocols and practices around data used by CRD Impact can be applied anywhere.

Community: May all people find their desired products and all products be matched in a way that elevates the well-being of people.

Organizations are more successful when targeting their products and resources to achieve a designated result with a specific community.  Whether you are a nonprofit focused on a particular cause or in the private industry with an array of products, CRD Impact has the tools and expertise to align your marketing and products to your community.

Research: No traveler can have an adventure without first starting somewhere. Identify where you are so that you can track how you grow.

Research is the foundation of any strategy, establishing a baseline Research that saves time and money both short-term and in the longer scheme. Identify what’s important to the community you serve through products or resources, understand what others are doing successfully and how you truly look internally. Research lets us know where we are and identify the best way for growth.

Design: Tear down barriers to product and resource access through innovative -- yet practical and replicable -- design.

The use of research and community analysis is vital to designing practical approaches that connect people and products. Whether designing or redesigning projects, products, or programs, experienced consumer designers create engaging products and establish thriving relationships. Launching innovative and targeted designs to ensure equitable access to resources and products ensures that all target audiences can utilize products designed by every organization or producer.

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