No traveler can have an adventure without first starting somewhere. Identify where you are so that you can track how you grow.

CRD Impact Services
Focused on Research

Research instruments are developed using ethnographic methods. Qualitative instruments and community research can be done in both English and Spanish.

  • Evaluate the needs of an organization as it relates to protocols and efficiency​

  • Evaluate current and past programs and events, procedures, etc to identify effective and ineffective procedures and initiatives  ​

  • Conduct program, community, or county-wide needs assessments including community-engaged, ethnographic research; datasets; topical research; current mapping of services and providers; etc

  • Grant Writing

  • Develop papers on social issues and causes​

  • Product research within stores or through buying trends

  • Tailored content for digital and marketing services (SEO on website, social media, blogs, email campaigns and more)


You cannot know where you have GONE if you do not know where you HAVE BEEN.

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