Tear down barriers to product and resource access through innovative — yet practical and replicable — design.

CRD Impact Services
Focused on DESIGN

  • UX research and design including designing websites based on target audience needs

  • Use knowledge of programs and events, social issues research, and knowledge of impactful events and programs on community to produce marketing materials and language

    • Website language

    • ​​Social media outreach

  • Assist with building donor base and capital campaigns using deep understanding of programs, projects, and social issues

  • Additional skills in these categories include:

    • Writing

    • Editing

    • Translating

  • Include marginalized and excluded voices in all aspects of design and execution to highlight lived experiences of clients (nonprofits) or identify new client markets (product-based work)

CRD Impact can serve English and Spanish speakers through its principal investigator; its design also ensures that speakers of other languages can be hired as needed to communicate with clients of other languages. We partner with experts in their field to elevate clients' efficiency and impact.

Projects and initiatives should be designed with equity at the foundation. Going forward, equity should be a forefront consideration of any decision--big or small.

CRD Impact is an EQUITY designer FIRST & FOREMOST, striving to develop products, services, and cultural habits to drive a more equitable world.

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